Land Covenant

All residents and visitors are expected to read and happily comply with our region covenant.

Cloudbreak is a Moderate region and we expect all residents and visitors to adhere to LL Terms of Service in this regard.

The Owner (Valium Lavender) will ensure that this environment is monitored, maintained and kept secure from nuisance to the best of her ability. Any disturbance created by residents, non-residents, or objects, should be reported to the Owner (Valium Lavender) immediately so the issue can be resolved or offending person(s)/object(s) removed.

At Cloudbreak the fly ability is disabled and we respectfully request that you do not use any fly over-rides.

Please do not rez items that are overly bright, noisy, flashing or that may be deemed disturbing to other visitors or residents.

Please do not rez motorized vehicles that can be driven of any type on Cloudbreak sims. Since this is a no fly zone you cannot rezz anything that flies such as hang gliders. This is to protect our resident’s privacy.

Please be respectful when you rez. Remember to take your things with you as we cannot assume responsibility for items lost during sim restarts or as a result of return by management.

No avatar under the age of 18 is allowed on [cloudbreak].

Last, due to Cloudbreak region being Moderate, no sexual activity is allowed in public areas. This also pertains to Nudity or in severely inappropriate attire. It is strictly not allowed and Owner has right to request that you stop; dress; or change offending clothing item. Of course this does NOT apply to residents who have the right to do as they please on their own private parcels. An example may be this: For women, If an outfit covers less than the typical bikini then it is most likely not appropriate at [cloudbreak]. For a man an example might be swim trunks that reveal the ‘status’ of the organ contained therein. (i know I sound like a lawyer). However it is my desire to keep the atmosphere at [cloudbreak] in good taste and form as to not offend any visitors or residents. If public nudity is your thing then there are plenty of places for you.-) I am not the morality police, however, I have the right to say what goes on at [cloudbreak]. (amended 7.10.2018).

Residents of [cloudbreak] cannot receive a refund of advance paid rents should a resident decide to vacate premises. (added 7.10.2018)

Leave only footprints, take only happy memories.

kindest regards,

Vally Lavender (Valium)
[cloudbreak] region owner