There are four rental residential properties at [cloudbreak]; each boasting unrivaled views across the beaches and islands. If you tire of the surf, our beach side community space is a perfect spot to watch the water or to catch up with friends after a long day out on the waves.

The four rental residential properties are the Soma, the Akasha, the Satya, and the Moksha (photographs coming soon).

Each parcel is nestled among natural surroundings of breathtaking foilage to ensure maximum privacy.  Each home’s rental fee is $L2750 per week.  This includes all landscaping, the custom home with a few minor furnishings, and a sky platform @ 3000 meters.  Residents have anti-cam capabilities, a custom security panel, and access to change their own parcel stream.  Group membership is required for all residents (free at this time).

All residential parcels are currently occupied.   If you wish to be placed on a waiting list, please submit your full second life name in the form below.