As time allows we select frequent visitors of [cloudbreak] to be our unofficial ambassadors of good will.  We induct special visitors into our “Sojourner” club and feature them in a photograph in which they provide their comments on why they love coming to [cloudbreak].  Keep a watch here to see if your friends have been inducted!  Here are our current inductees:

(note, some have not had a chance to have their photo made but the list includes all:

Lacuna Wyngaard, Jakobat,  Andraus Thor, Rayzza Rubble, Fred Hamilton, Lotus, Cerri, Alan Brady, Krise Sheperd, Megs, JT Castanea, Earen, Karthikeyan Engineer,  Thyme Carter, Sofie Janic, Taylor, Busta, Atze, Katrin Heaven, HILLs., ℜσσđʆųɧ vαℓεηтιηε™, and Johnny Whadd.

Rayzza Rubble
Sojourner D I V E


(above) Sojourner HILL.s. – I caught up with one of our frequent visitors, HILL.s. Here is what she had to say…”I love this place. It is an amazing build and it’s so peaceful.”

It is sojourners like HILL.s that keep the dream alive here at [cloudbreak]. Thank you HILL.s. (and please do not kill any sharks) O.o


(above) Sojourner Krise Sheperd — Meet Krise Sheperd, a frequent cloud visitor.-)) Here is what Krise had to tell me about [cloudbreak] …”returning to SL after a couple of years, I enjoy exploring and taking pictures.  Cloudbreak is one of my favourite places in SL, i come here almost on a daily ritual to do some surfing and to hang out.”


(above) Sojourner Andraus Thor – owner and creator of THOR.  Andraus told me “[cloudbreak] is a paradise^^ was really a lot of time that I did not see a place “of the sea” done so well and with so much attention to detail! so really congrats….is all so …”breathless.”


(above) Sojourner earen – we love it when earen visits [cloudbreak]-)) he has this to say…” <<tons of fishes here just for me”


(above) Sojourner Karthikeyan Engineer, owner and creator of MADRAS.

sometimes visits as a panda or this cute little Indian elephant…what he says about [cloudbreak]……..”your place I find good to relax..nice details”